September 2010

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[ode to andrew]

Blogging is fun… unless your domain host is a royal mess [coughcoughFatCowcoughcough] and causes your site to crash on a whim for no apparent reason. It becomes exponentially frustrating when there is no foreseeable solution to the problem after emailing, live-chatting, and speaking with multiple customer service representatives to the point of stalking. Must… breathe…

That’s when having a tech-savvy brother really comes in handy. My brother Andrew single-handedly saved my sanity when he swooped in and, with a wave of his magic mouse, transferred me to a new host [who I absolutely love... bluehost I'm talking to you] and adeptly maneuvered through hopelessly confusing html-codes to ensure that, through it all, I would retain ownership of my precious domain It was like a busted up custody battle and thankfully, we came out on top. One victory for the little people!

Andrew, thank you for being my knight in shining C++ code.

My first ever post is dedicated to you.

[photo above was taken in positano along the amalfi coast on a family trip to italy. the four siblings from l to r: andrew, evan, jessica, + elizabeth.]

To family,

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doughnut muffins

cinnabon-like cinnamon buns

banana berry smoothie



morrie’s egg salad

tgif tuna salad


[main dishes]

roasted chicken drumsticks

easy-as-pie pot roast for 2 [+leftovers]

rosemary clementine cornish game hens

red white + green tortellini

coconut curry tofu

spaghetti squash with portobello mushrooms, basil & tomato



garlic + bean winter salad



edward macarooneys

kitchen-sink brownies

irish oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

nutella pillows

basil banana bread

cookies’n cream bars

gooey cookies’n cream heath brownies

itsy bitsy strawberry shortcakes

mini pumpkin spice cakes with cider maple glaze



homemade salted caramel hot cocoa



popcorn with  panache