[a.m. coffee + roses]

[photo from a trip home that i might have staged.]

[and my valentine's roses make an encore from monday]

[hot, creamy coffee to start the morning]

[dried bouquet from the 'rents... they sent them 'just because'. love them. :]

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  1. Love your little bear with their Starbucks coffee. That was taken at home wasn’t it…

    You know bear hunting is legal in Gates Mills so if you see a tiny little brown rug in front of the fireplace… No need for that little Starbuck gift card anymore.
    Just kidding.
    I won’t use the gift card.

    BTW Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks, may be coming to visit us in the near future… stay tuned.

    The Valentine Day roses are RED… They looked pink in the last photo. They are doing amazingly well so far. I guess RED is a good color.



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