[seeing red]

[my mom just sent me this plate in a care package {thanks mom!}. it came with black ribbon but she gave me extra red so i could switch it out for v-day]

[ravioli ..holy cannoli.. my mom made this for my dad last night as an early valentine's day dinner. dad snapped me this pic before he dove in.]

[a pic I sneaked of my sis hard at work during our girls pizzelle night]

[flowers vince sent my mama]

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  1. So nice “seeing red”…

    I think RED should be the official family color.

    I will take a picture of me under a nice warm blanket and my favorite book… can you say READ !!!

    I will pop in a DVD of my favorite movie… tough decision.
    Is it:
    Hunt for RED October
    Lady in RED
    The RED planet
    RED fury
    The RED planet…

    For my friends in Pittsburgh who “RED” up their rooms.

    and finally – I will take a picture of my cheeks tomorrow morning after spending 15 minutes cleaning the ice off my car…. can you say RED !!!



    1. sooooooo funny, I love this comment, red is the color of the day and the family! :)

      By the way, what’s black and white and “red” all over?

      ….a newspaper : ) Happy Valentine’s Day!


  2. Love this post!
    Red the colour of love is everywhere. It’s in fashion, food and flowers and you covered them all so well.
    And as stated in the comment above, red should most definitely be your family colour because one can feel the love and warmth you have for each other so beautifully in this post!


    1. Thank you Janeen! I definitely agree that red is the hue of love and you summed it up so beautifully, “It’s in fashion, food and flowers” – perfect! Red should certainly be our family color, I’m so happy you can feel our love and warmth – we’re very blessed. :) Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! xoxoxo


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