[midweek musings]

[whale-print paper from vineyard vines {thanks mom!}. letterpress calendar from chicago-based orange beautiful]

Some ideas to warm up your Wednesday…

  • try a new recipe
  • treat yourself to a new pair of shoes[or in my case, some fig vanilla black pepper syrup i read about to drizzle over ice cream, coffee, tea ... so many possibilities]
  • go for a light jog [bundle up if you're in chicago... brrr! spring has not sprung, not even close]
  • make some homemade trail mix to snack on throughout the day when you crave something salty and sweet [mix 1/2 cup oven roasted almonds with sea salt + 1/2 cup raisins.]
  • take a moment to enjoy a breath of fresh air
  • start a new book [i'm reading 'a thousand splendid suns' by khaled hosseini right now {thanks deirdre!} and am hooked.]
  • make a simple piece of jewelry [last fall i took a class at caravan beads at lincoln + roscoe. they have all sorts of cool beads that will get your creative juices flowing.]

[a bead-ish looking jelly bean]

What are some of the ways you spice up the midweek mopes?





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  1. Love your ideas… except the whale paper. I keep thinking about all those little whales that gave their lives for that paper.

    I am going to read a good book. “A dozen splendid suns”. I don’t have time for a thousand.

    Now treating myself to a new pair of shoes makes me think about the “Shoe Tree” in Lakeview Cemetery. There is a huge tree hidden way in the back of the cemetery that has hundreds of shoes hanging from its branches. Just saw it on the news. Will look for it when I have the chance.

    You have some great ideas that are perfect for a winter’s day…except going for a light jog.

    Think I’ll stay inside and work on some jewelry. Wonder how frozen peas would work in the place of beads…??


    1. i should have noted: no whales were harmed in the making of the whale paper. i don’t want to get in trouble with PETA.

      yesterday the temps were in the ’80s, i think it’s safe to say spring is here!

      stick with jelly beans, they taste better than peas.


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