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This weekend while the rest of Chicago was getting saucy & celebrating St. Pat’s, Vince and I roadtripped to Cleveland for my mom’s birthday. Although we missed the bulk of the St. Patty’s festivities, it was one of those weekends that hit the spot; relaxing and good for the soul. We caught up on lots of sleep + quality fam time, had brunch with some of my high school pals, and topped it off with a birthday lunch celebrating my mom.


[team effort]


[party dress fit for a twirl]


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  1. Wear some green and everyday can be St Patrick’s Day.

    Such beautiful photos !!!
    Reminds me of some other little ballerina’s a few years ago…


  2. I don’t know if I could handle everyday being St. Patrick’s Day. I love it and all but….

    Thank you thank you, when you have the world’s cutest models the pictures practically take themselves.

    And as for those other little ballerinas, I have a feeling they loved their tutus almost as much as Madeline!


  3. You are Too-Too much…


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