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I give people a lot of credit when they take a gamble, stick themselves in what could be an uncomfortable situation, and thrive. After all, that’s how great things happen. You take a risk and as my dad says, “you make your own luck”. Still, it’s no easy task [or so I think] to get up in front of a crowd of people and perform, but maybe that’s why they’re up and I’m down here.

This weekend I saw Vince’s brother John and their family friend Brian perform in their brand new band, “Two Micks and a Mike” [yep, try not to crack a smile]. Every year the Irish-American Alliance [a Chicago-based organization started by Vince and John's dad] holds a St. Patrick’s Day party at the South Side standby Cork & Kerry. It was at this very party that “Two Micks and a Mike” made their big time debut.

[photo credit: chicago bar project]

I so appreciate when someone is passionate about something -be it food, ping-pong, fashion, scrabble, whatever it is- and given that both John and Brian grew up in Irish homes, music is in their blood. They know the stories behind each song they sing and they’re eager to share them [especially after a few pints of smithwick's].

The music, the night [which lasted until the wee hours of the morning... those micks sure know how to party], and the entire scene made me even more excited for St. Patrick’s Day.  You can bet I’ve got my green [yes, green] hot cocoa and Baileys ready. Only nine more days to go!

PS: You can get into the St. Paddy’s spirit and check out Two Micks and a Mike for yourself. Their next gig is on St. Patrick’s Day at Marlin’s, roughly 15 minutes south of the city [7236 39th Street, Lyons, IL 60534]. Marlin’s is a great local watering hole with all sorts of beer on tap. A word to the wise – stay away [far, far away] from the Pinot Grigio. Indeed, it sounded good to me at the time and I instantly became that girl. Stick to the basics here, trust me.




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  1. What a great gig…

    When does their CD come out? I wish I had taken up playing the guitar when I was growing up… can you say Pittsburgh & Polka.
    Needless to say you can’t impress many girls in high school with an accordion solo.
    Anyway it sounded like a lot of fun at the Cork & Kerry with “Two Micks + Mike”.
    BTW did you know George Wendt from the TV Show “Cheers” was there bar tending recently.

    Another round of Pinot Grigio for everyone !!!


    1. Once they settle on a recording contract you’ll be the first to know – I will even hook you up with an autographed CD.

      I don’t think accordions got a fair shake. They’re very mobile, give you a good upper body workout, and their black and white keys go with any outfit. What’s not to love.

      I wonder if the “Cheers” man is from Chicago, that’s very cool he guest bartended at Cork & Kerry.

      That Pinot Grigio tasted like a dirty sock, I’m shuddering just thinking about it….


  2. Went to Night Town for St. Patricks Day dinner with clients.
    Brendon the owner said to say hello. Wondered if “Two Mick’s & a Mike” were coming to Cleveland?
    Great time was had by all.

    BTW I have 10 free accordion lessons for someone… sounds like you may have an interest?
    Let me know.


    1. “Two Micks & a Mike” want to thank their #1 fan! Did you have corned beef & cabbage at Night Town?

      You know I would love to take you up on those lessons but… I… have to.. I will just get back to you – and don’t hold your breath.


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