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I’m sort of embarrassed to admit what I did last week. Because I am a weirdo and enjoy grocery shopping more than a normal person should, I made a night out of it. You can’t blame me though, I live 10 minutes from the wondrous glory that is the Lincoln Park Whole Foods [15150 N. Kingsbury], the third-largest Whole Foods store in the world. This is not your average grocery store. It is the gargantuan mother of all grocery stores. Sure, you can pick up milk and eggs but why stop there when you can hit up…

  • Da’Vine Wine Bar [totally acceptable to sip a glass of wine as you shop]
  • 1550 Bar [complete with nightly specials such as Trivia Night]
  • Mix-and-Match Cookie and Trail Mix Stations
  • Make-your-own Bath Salt Station
  • Make-your-own Peanut/Cashew/Almond Butter Station
  • Seven in-store eateries [fresh sushi, bakery, deli, and more]
  • Rooftop yoga class
  • Nightly cooking classes

+ so much more

…all under one [massive] roof.

This beautiful behemoth is truly something to behold. I’ve taken both my brother and sister to check it out when they visited me and they were blown away too. My sister and I were lucky enough to score seats at the bustling wine bar and enjoyed wine flights and prime people watching. There were couples on dates, guys catching up over a pint, girlfriends with glasses of champagne. All in the middle of a grocery store – who’d a thunk it.

I wanted to share some photos of my shopping trip with you, and, me being the responsible blogger that I am, called ahead to get the OK from Whole Foods to take some photos. With some minor stipulations, they welcomed me with open arms. Without further ado…

[the sheer volume of everything is astounding]

[endless rows of fat, juicy heirloom tomatoes]

[lifetime supply {and then some} of carrot juice]

[fancy soap station]

[bath salt bar]

[pellegrino as far as the eye can see]

[had to do it]

A few things that came home with me…

[my favorite tea]

[freshly ground 100% almonds... it was warm as it came out of the grinder!]

[my new obsession: black truffle oil... a bit of a splurge at $12 for a small bottle but you can use it in everything and a little goes a long way. i've added it to mac + cheese and eaten it just by itself with whole-grain bread]

[icelandic style yogurt is very thick and has a TON of protein]

[farm fresh eggs you literally pluck from a little chicken coop-esque bed of hay]

[i've lived in chicago for 3 years and had never tried the famous oberweis milk - til now!]






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  1. Just have to tell you this one (April 13th) is your best one yet.

    I saw soooo many great things that I would love to try.

    Make your own Cashew Butter, the black truffle oil sounds great on all kinds of foods, the Cashew Butter, Icelandic yogurt, the Cashew Butter, Mix and match cookie mix, Cashew Butter WITH black truffle oil…

    Did I tell you if someone were to bring me some Cashew Butter I would definitely try it. I really would…

    BTW, if I was let loose in that store I don’t think I would ever get to the rooftop yoga class.


    1. THANK YOU! ahahhaa i love all of the above .. except maybe cashew butter with black truffle oil. eeek.

      i think i know what to get you for your birthday. a year membership to rooftop yoga class.


  2. Just noticed those “heirloom” tomatoes…

    Were those tomatoes that have been passed down from generation to generation?

    I mean there could be a 150 year old tomato in there…
    Can you really eat them after all that time?

    Just wondering…


    1. oh yes. they get better with age! :)


  3. There is definitely something special about Whole Foods, so jealous that you have a flagship style near you.

    Best one I’ve been to was in London, 2 stories (or maybe 3?), wine bar like yours and a must see if you go: http://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/whole-foods-market-london-2


    1. thank you so much heidi! i agree that whole foods is such a special place. if you get a chance to visit chicago you need to see it for yourself. it needs it’s own zip code. :)

      that london whole foods is incredible, i checked out some of the yelp pics and it’s AMAZING! holy cow. when i’m lucky enough to return to london i’m so going there.


  4. So fun to meet you last night! Jaclyn and I escape to this whole food all the time when we find out internship less-than-satisfying! Can’t wait til the next dinner!


    1. karin’s mom’s daughter, f’ing hilarious. i had a blast meeting you (& jacyln.. & tim.. & melissa) last night too! thank you for visiting my site, and isn’t the lp whole foods heaven on earth? it’s my happy place (and it would be the opposite of that place for my wallet – eek). can’t wait til the next dinner too – maybe summer will be here by then? ? have a great day! i know i’m still daydreaming about that cheesecake…….. yumm.


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