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Meet Foodha.

[image credit menuism blog]

This chubby guy is the official face of Menuism, a site started by two college buddies that’s dedicated to the food loving community. Aside from being the home for Foodha, Menuism is a place where foodies can trade restaurant tips and the inside scoop on favorite spots across the country.

The team at Menuism filled me in on a fantastic Facebook deal they’re running – for every new Facebook fan Menuism earns until April 24, they will donate $1 to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. This is a great [and easy] way to help people right here in Chicago. Last year alone the Food Depository distributed 135,000 meals a day. Amazing!

[image credit menuism blog]

Take a second to pop over to Facebook and ‘like’ Menuism today.





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  1. Thanks for spreading the word for this great cause!

    Co-Founder, Menuism


    1. absolutely. thank you for taking on this great partnership! have a wonderful day.


  2. Foodha…
    You can’t fool me, that’s Eric Cartman with a box on his head…

    Great cause they are doing for the Food Depository. I can’t believe that number of 135,000 meals a day.
    That is amazing!


    1. he’s eric cartman’s doppelganger! with a big belly of course.

      isn’t that something? it’s an awesome partnership.


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