[tuesday trinkets]

Six pieces I’m currently coveting:

This Eliza Ring is pricey [$480] but I love the sentimental simplicity. So delicate and pretty. This would make a sweet gift for a very special occasion.

Apparently I have expensive taste today because this $398  Seafoam Double Strand necklace from Anthropolgie is also decidedly over the budget here at {navy + cream}, but I love the colors so much!

You may recall this necklace I bought from the Chicago boutique Mint Julep [for $60], as mentioned in this post:

Well… look what I found for a tenth of the price at Forever 21 [$9.80]:

Can you believe it? Given that I wear the Mint Julep one on a weekly basis [with jeans + a tee , a casual black dress, a cocktail dress, + so on], I think it’s only fitting I add this wallet-friendly statement piece to my jewelry box.

Digging the antique look to this braided necklace from Ann Taylor [$58].

This gold Modcloth bracelet [$49] will help you line your ducks in a row .

Fred Flare ‘forget me knot’ ring [$58]






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  1. love all of those- but then again, you do have fabulous style :)


    1. :) thanks chica! i couldn’t believe it when i found the forever 21 necklace. i think i need it.


  2. All of these are lovely!!


    1. aren’t they? just a little something to change up an entire outfit!


  3. Hey Hey Hey… What I wanna know is what cereal box these came out of? Was it Lucky Charms or Fruity Pebbles ???

    Just Kidding.

    They are very nice pieces, even the more “moderately” priced ones.
    You do have a certain flare for accessorizing one’s self.

    Between you and me that “Forever 21″ piece looks like it weighs about 25 pounds… Mmmmm… wear it and lose a weight…

    Don’t tell Richard Simmons. His new workout video will be – Sweatin’ at the GEM !!! (GYM)


    1. haahaha. sweatin’ at the GEM – genius. i think you’ve just created the next big fitness craze.


  4. Pretty awesome!!!! You have great and very, very expensive taste!!!! Good Job Elisabetta!

    ciao ciao ciao
    love you much
    mama mia


    1. thanks mama mia :) ! haha you’re right about my taste…. it’s something i’m workin on. ;)

      love you very very much!!!



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