[farmer's market finds]

I just love a crisp, early morning at the Green City Market. Farmers from all over the Midwest gather in Chicago to sell their vittles to city dwellers eager for a taste of the country. The smell of coffee and something like cinnamon waft through the air as a cool breeze whips against your cheeks, reddening them. You go from booth to booth picking up the bulbous onions, impossibly red tomatoes, aromatic herbs, feeling their weight, soaking in their raw beauty – all while speaking with each colorful vender and listening to their stories.

I got some really good stuff. Time for a little show and tell.

[a rosemary plant freshens up my windowsill]

[some shrooms still on the stalk]

i completely forgot what these were by the time i got home. thai eggplants! thank you google.

another one of these fellas. going to slice a handful, sprinkle them with sea salt & cracked black pepper and oven roast them for dinner tonight. interested to see if they taste like the eggplant i’m used to.

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  1. Great narrative.
    I felt like I just took a trip to the country and met all the farmers personally.
    That is some great looking veggies. If they taste half as good as they look it will be “heaven”…
    That thai eggplant has an interesting look.
    Kind of like a mini green & white colored, round watermelon on a stem… Never mind…

    I feel like eating much healthier after reading your adventure to the Green City Market.


    1. thank you! they work so hard everyday and to have their fruits, veggies, milk, eggs, etc. here in the middle of the city AND at very, very affordable prices is amazing! i am a big fan of farmer’s markets. they are a lot of fun to go to as well.

      you already eat healthy! klondike bars are very, very healthy…. right? they are good for the soul. :)


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