[purrrrty polish]

I love the animal print trend but am not quite brave enough to rock the look with clothing. The perfect baby step? Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips in leopard print!

This was my first run at applying these fancy nail polish strips. Overall it was pretty easy and definitely less time consuming than a regular at home mani. No dry time is a huge plus for me because I always manage to chip or scratch my mani’s no matter how hard I try.

The kit was $9.99 at Walgreens and comes with 16 decals. I only used five decals because I have short nails and there was enough material per decal to use on two nails. Essentially you’re paying ten bucks for three manicures, not bad right?

It comes with a handy dual nail file/buffer and a mini cuticle stick.

The directions are very straightforward – just peel off the backs, stick them on and file off loose ends. If leopards aren’t your thang they have other funky looks too – neon solids, glitter, even a lacy print. If you’re looking to try something different it’s a fun alternative to your everyday polish. I give Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Kitty, Kitty [ha] two paws up!

The box says it lasts up to 10 days. So far so good!

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  1. you are just full of great ideas elizabeth! :) and i am copying you! i got the sparkle kind and they dont look as nice as yours do in your pictures, but given my ultra short stubby nails, they dont look that bad! gracias amiga for a good idea! :)


    1. omg kate i wrote a response to this ages ago and i just now saw it never posted! what the heck…. anywho – i would love to see your pretty sparkly nails! i’m sure they looked beautiful. i may get some myself, they’d be perfect for this time of year. xoxoxxo


  2. Kate, I couldn’t agree with you more…Elizabeth is a “plethora” of purrrty pinky picks.

    Love those little leopard skin nails…
    Wonder if they have little wrenches and golf clubs for guys??

    Bad idea…


    1. LOL i would love to see those… and i also must mention.. no animals were hurt in the making of this post. you know how those PETA people can be…


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