[life as of late]

[the makings of a caprese salad]

[making peppermint bark with my cousin]

[bowlin' the night away at lebowski fest]

[my niece, madeline's, work of art]

[snapped a pic post-lunch at nighttown]

[a couple "light meat" & "dark meat" turkeys from oakmont bakery]

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  1. As usual ALL look so, so delicious…

    BTW, I am thinking about going “vegan” so I must pass on the light & dark meat turkeys. (and they looked so good…)


    1. why thank you, you’re toooooo kind : ) and i don’t know if you heard but veganism is out. now everyone’s gluten free. always keeping you up with the trends – you’re welcome!


  2. Those turkey cupcakes are too cute!!


    1. thanks!! yes aren’t they adorable?? and they look pretty easy to recreate. loved the clever play on words with light meat [a.k.a. vanilla] & dark meat [chocolate].


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