[she's baaaaack]

HELLO! Do not adjust your screen… It’s been four months awhile but [eek] I’m back. I. Am. Back! Nothing in particular prompted the hiatus, it just kind of happened. I have big plans for future posts but, for now, I’d like to just share my breakfast with you:

[low-fat plain Greek yogurt with strawberry jam, cinnamon, honey and almonds]*

[interesting unintended effect of my iphone camera tripping out]

*: the letterpress calendar in the background is from Orange Beautiful. You can buy the same one here.






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  1. I can’t believe my eyes…
    You are back!

    I was so lost… I haven’t had any direction for months on where to shop, where to eat, what to wear and what to do…

    I needed some guidance on who to vote for… Jessica Sanchez or Philip Philips. So I didn’t vote and Philip Philips won… My vote could have made the difference in keeping a guy with a screwy name from winning…

    Can you see how your lack of critical advice has changed America…

    But… your back !!!
    I was lost but now I’m found.

    Can you say… Hallelujah Sister !!!
    Welcome back.

    PS: I’ll skip the breakfast…


    1. Hallelujahhhh! I’m back to give answers to hard hitting subjects such as the honey versus agave syrup debate, how to wear pastels without looking like an Easter egg and much. much. more. I hope you’re ready!


      1. I am ready…

        Its honey not doubt… and I like the Easter egg look…
        …and your point ?


        1. :) I should just have you blog for me. I’ll compensate with cookies. Interested?


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