who is navy + cream

navy + cream started as a whim. I’ve always loved to write and take pictures, thus creating a blog was the next natural step. I’m a native Clevelander transplanted in Chicago and you’ll see I feel at home in both places and write about the two quite often. With the budget of a 20-something girl, I try to soak in all aspects of living in the heart of a big city by hitting up local coffee shops, trekking to farmers markets, digging through vintage consignments, and trying new up-and-coming restaurants.

[what's in a name?]

I’m head over heels in love with my two nieces, m + c. Originally I planned on using their initials for the title and intended to write mostly about food [hence, c is for 'cream'], but couldn’t find a word that was just right for the ‘m’. I also realized I wanted to span a variety of topics, not solely food. Navy is one of my favorite colors and thus, navy + cream was born.

[what's the story with the picture in your header?]

This is a photograph of my great-grandmother on my grandpap’s side, Elisabetta Cuda, who I was named after. She is sitting in front of their house on Shady Avenue in Pittsburgh with some of my family, and my wonderful mom on the bottom right [sporting the pigtails + some great black mary janes that you can't see]. Although I’ve never met my great-grandmother, she’s lived on through my mom and the rest of my family. Her face is as familiar to me as any, thanks to countless pictures we’ve held onto through the years. I’m so thankful to have these precious pieces of our family history.

[i like....]

Well, for starters, thumbing through magazines, spending time with my family, going out to eat with friends, cozying up on the couch with a blanket, cooking and baking delicious goodies, the changing seasons, finding a pretty thing on sale, watching reality tv, decorating my apartment, being at the right place + right time…

this is me. say hi!  [elizabeth@navyandcream.com]

“Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.”

Oscar Wilde

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