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Six pieces I’m currently coveting:

This Eliza Ring is pricey [$480] but I love the sentimental simplicity. So delicate and pretty. This would make a sweet gift for a very special occasion.

Apparently I have expensive taste today because this $398  Seafoam Double Strand necklace from Anthropolgie is also decidedly over the budget here at {navy + cream}, but I love the colors so much!

You may recall this necklace I bought from the Chicago boutique Mint Julep [for $60], as mentioned in this post:

Well… look what I found for a tenth of the price at Forever 21 [$9.80]:

Can you believe it? Given that I wear the Mint Julep one on a weekly basis [with jeans + a tee , a casual black dress, a cocktail dress, + so on], I think it’s only fitting I add this wallet-friendly statement piece to my jewelry box.

Digging the antique look to this braided necklace from Ann Taylor [$58].

This gold Modcloth bracelet [$49] will help you line your ducks in a row .

Fred Flare ‘forget me knot’ ring [$58]






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