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[my phone {pottery barn} perched prettily on a gray suede chair {urban outfitters} with a glimpse of an orange box {ikea}]

The other day I had a long overdue catch up chat with a dear friend. All too often life gets in the way of keeping in touch with far away friends. There are houses to clean, projects to do, bills to pay, and before you know it the years [literally] have flown by. Like anything else worth having in life, it takes work to keep long distance friendships intact. If you have a pal you haven’t reached out to in awhile, do yourself a favor and rather than logging in on Facebook [you know you do], pick up the phone. Chances are they’re probably itching to catch up with you too.

PS: how awesome is this phone? I searched high and low for this retro look in a cordless style and finally found it at Pottery Barn. UPDATE: I just found out they no longer carry it… sad. I really do love this phone and I hope they put it back on the shelves soon!

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I’m pretty excited. I received the new iPhone as a gift and I love it. I haven’t experienced the issues with dropped calls [yet] that everyone’s been talking about but there will surely be issues with reception. Over the years I’ve grown accustomed to AT&T’s patchy [that's putting it mildly] service. Rumors are swirling that Verizon will be picking up the iPhone in January but that particular rumor has been around since the birth of the iPhone several years ago. Who knows when that change will take place, I hope soon, but ideally it will be two years from now right around the time my contract is up.

I once took a tour at the Merchandise Mart and we rode in an elevator about a mile underground. I legitimately had better reception [meaning: two bars] a mile underground than I did at my apartment in metropolitan Chicago [zero bars]. Someone at AT&T please explain this to me.

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To all the ironies of technology,


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